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    LEEDS.—The annual report of the Department of Coal, Gas, and Fuel Industries, of which Prof. J. W. Cobb occupies the chair as Livesey professor, has just been issued by the University. It begins with a reference to the number of students who have entered the Army or are connected with the war work of the department, and also to the election of candidates to the recently founded Corbet-Woodall scholarship and Arthur Walker exhibition. Courses of lectures, which have been given in the past by specialists connected with the gas and fuel industries, have had to be restricted owing to the demands made by the war upon the lecturers. The research work of the department during the year includes two important publications. The ventilation Research Committee, representing the Institution of Gas Engineers, has issued its third report. The work has been carried out, as before, by Mr. W. Harrison, who has made a careful and interesting study of causes of down-draughts, the effect of ventilating burners, etc. The second research, by Prof. Cobb and Mr. H. Hollings, on “Thermal Phenomena in Carbonisation,” was read before the Institution of Gas Engineers in June last. The other work of the department has been mainly on behalf of the Ministry of Munitions and the Royal Society War Committee.

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