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FOUR volumes of the Bulletin of this society were completed with the last year. They contain many papers of interest and value, most of which have been noticed in these columns, and several -evidently the work of novices-which the Publication Committee might with advantage have suppressed. The first part of the fifth volume, which has been issued recently, contains six papers, three of which are of general interest. Of the others, one on the seasonal periodicity of earthquakes is inconclusive. Mr. Carl H. Beal describes an earthquake which originated near the town of Los Alamos, in southwestern California, on January 11 last. This is probably the first earthquake in which the long-distance telephone has been used in the collection of records. Prof. J. C. Branner insists on the untrustworthiness of personal impressions on the direction of an earthquake-shock, and he urges that, in investigations of an earthquake, the question dealing with such impressions should be omitted. It has long been known that single observations on the apparent direction of the shock or on the fall of a column, etc., are valueless, the apparent direction being almost invariably perpendicular to the principal walls of the house in which it is observed. But the average of a large number of personal observations within a limited area has been found in several cases to coincide with the direction of the area from the epicentre. Moreover, after the Tokyo earthquake of June 20, 1894, Prof. Omori measured the direction of fall of 140 stone lanterns with circular bases in Tokyo, and the average of these measurements coincides exactly with the direction of the single great oscillation registered in that city.

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