Presentation to Sir Philip Magnus

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    A DISTINGUISHED company assembled in Carpenters' Hall, London Wall, on Wednesday, June 2, on the occasion of the presentation to Sir Philip Magnus, M.P., of an address on his retirement from his position as superintendent of the technological examinations of the City and Guilds of London Institute, which he has held for the last thirty-five years, by the Association of Technical Institutions, a body representing more than ninety such institutions in the United Kingdom and in the colonies. The assembly was a fine testimony of the esteem in which he is held by all ranks of educationists for the eminent service he has rendered by speech and writings and by administrative work during a long and strenuous life. There were present, among many others, Sir Alfred Keogh, who presided, Sir Henry Miers, the Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, M.P., Mr. Pike Pease, M.P., the Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Mather, Sir ELF. Hibbert, M.P., Sir Swire Smith, Sir George R. Kenrick, Sir Amherst Selby-Bigge, Sir John Struthers, Mr. Morton Latham, Prof. H. E. Armstrong, Dr. G. T. Beilby, and representatives of the Teachers' Registration Council, of the associations of directors and secretaries for education, of teachers in technical institutions, of the art masters, of Local Government officers, and of the College of Preceptors. The presentation of the illuminated address was made by Mr. J. H. Reynolds, and of the personal gifts to Sir Philip and Lady Magnus by Sir Wm. Mather. The address set forth the high appreciation of the association for the great services rendered by Sir Philip Magnus as a member of the Royal Commission on Technical Education of 1882, and for the important share which he has taken, not only in the development of technical education as a consequence thereof, but in the endeavour to place upon a sound footing the teaching of science in the secondary school and to introduce the principles and practice of manual training in all types of schools.

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