Die Insekten Mitteleuropas insbesondere Deutschlands


    THE third part of the third volume of the “Insects of Central Europe,” so ably edited by Prof. Chr. Schr.der, of Berlin, contains an account of the gall-wasps (Cynipid) by Dr. J. J. Kieffer, and of the saw-flies and wood-wasps (Tenthredinida) by Dr. E. Enslin. In both cases the systematic description is preceded by an effective introduction dealing with structure, life-histories, and ecology. Thus we find a very clear account of the various theories of gall-formation by Cynipidæ and of parthenogenesis in Tenthredinidie. The volume is very well illustrated, both as regards the text figures and the coloured plates.

    Die Insekten Mitteleuropas insbesondere Deutschlands.

    Edited by Prof. C. Schr.der. Band iii. Hymenopteren (Dritter Teil) Die Gallwespen (Cynipid.). By Prof. J. J. Kieffer. Die Blatt-und Holzwespen (Tenthredinoidea). By Dr. E. Enslin. Pp. xiii + 213 + viii plates. (Stuttgart: Franckh, 1914.) Price 7.20 marks.

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