New Observations on Humble-Bees. 1


THIS account of the humble-bee has a merit very uncommon in popular books of natural history; it is written by a naturalist who has spent years in observing for himself, and whose observations are numerous, original and interesting, There are set before us new facts concerning (among other things) the domestic management of several humble-bees, the packing of pollen into the collecting basket, the habits of the parasitic bee, Psithyrus, the insect-devourers of the broods of humble-bees, or of the food-supply stored in the nest, and the perfume of male humble-bees, besides many practical suggestions for the tending of humble-bee families in captivity. The different species are pictured in excellent colour-photographs, which will save trouble to observers who are not yet practised in systematic identification, and there are useful photographs, of humble-bee nests, combs and incubating females.


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    The Humble-Bee. Its Life-history and how to Domesticate it. With Descriptions of all the British Species of Bombus and Psithyrus. By F. W. L. Sladen . Pp. xiii + 283 ; illustrated. (London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1912.) Price 10s. net.

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