(1) Junior Magnetism and Electricity (2) An Introduction to Practical Physics for Colleges and Schools (3) Mémoires sur l'Electricité et l'Optique (4) Treatise on Light (5) Intermediate Physics (6) Lehrbuch der Physik (7) Physik in graphischen Darstellungen


    (1) SO many elementary text-books of this kind appear from time to time (one of the present authors is already responsible for two) that it is very difficult to judge whether or not a new publication possesses advantages over its predecessors. The scope of the subject is so limited that all of them are bound to be very much alike, and in any one book there can only be a few special features which demand attention. In the present case little can be said but that the authors have presented what appears to be a straightforward and clear account of the elements of the subject.

    (1) Junior Magnetism and Electricity.

    Dr. R. H. Jude Dr. J. Satterly. Pp. vii + 288. (London: W. B. Clive, University Tutorial Press, Ltd., 1912.) Price 2s. 6d.

    (2) An Introduction to Practical Physics for Colleges and Schools.

    Prof. E. H. Barton Dr. T. P. Black. Pp. vii + 188; illustrated. (London: Edward Arnold, 1912.) Price 3s. 6d.

    (3) Mémoires sur l'Electricité et l'Optique.

    A. Potier. Publiés et Annotés par A. Blondel. Avec une Préface de Henri Poincaré. Pp. xx + 330. (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1912.) Price 13 francs.

    (4) Treatise on Light.

    In which are explained the causes of that which occurs in Reflexion, and in Refraction, and particularly in the strange Refraction of Iceland Crystal. By Christiaan Huygens. Rendered into English by Silvanus P. Thompson. Pp. xii + 129. (London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1912.) Price 10s. net.

    (5) Intermediate Physics.

    Prof. W. Watson, F.R.S. Pp. xiii + 564. With diagrams. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1912.) Price 6s. net.

    (6) Lehrbuch der Physik.

    Prof. Eduard Riecke. Erster Band. Mechanik, Molekularerscheinungen und Akustik. Optik. Zweiter Band. Magnetismus und Elektrizität. Wärme. Fünfte, verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage. Pp. xvi + 600 + xii + 775; illustrated. (Leipzig: Veit and Co., 1912.) Price 26 marks. 2 Vols.

    (7) Physik in graphischen Darstellungen.

    Felix Auerbach. Pp. x + 28 + 213 plates. (Leipzig and Berlin: B. G. Teubner, 1912.) Price 9 marks.

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