Climatological Observations.


    A VALUABLE instalment has been added to the long series of meteorological observations taken at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, by the publican tion of a volume containing the results for the five years 1906-1910. In its main features the volume is arranged on the same lines as before, the principal exceptions being the omission of (i) the readings of the underground platinum-resistance thermometers, which will be dealt with in a separate paper, and (2) the results obtained from the photographic recording instruments, but the records are continued at present. The tables exhibit very clearly the mean daily, monthly, and annual results for the various elements. The wind velocity is deduced with the old factor 3, but to reduce this to the new factor 2.2 it is only necessary to multiply the quantities by 0.733. From a special table prepared by Dr. Rambaut for the thirty years 1881–1910, the mean yearly horizontal motion of the air is 108,000 miles; it shows an apparent periodic annual variation, with an amplitude of about 3.8 miles an hour, the maximum occurring in March and the minimum in September.

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