International Association of Chemical Societies


    International Association of Chemical Societies held its first formal meeting in Paris in April, 1911, when the delegates nominated by the French, German, and English Chemical Societies met and ratified the statutes of the association, the council of which as at first constituted consisted of Profs. Bélial, Hanriot, and Haller representing the Soci´t´ Chimique de France Profs. Jacobson, Ostwald, and Wichel-haus representing the Deutsche chemische Gesell-schaft, and Profs. Frankland, Meldola, and Sir Wm. Ramsay representing our Chemical Society. The second conference was held in Berlin last month, under the presidency of Prof. Ostwald and the vice-presidency of Prof. Wichelhaus, when the council was further enlarged by the addition of Profs. Carrara, Oglialoro, and Paterno representing the Italian Chemical Society, Profs. Kurnakow, Tschugaeff, and Walden representing the Russian Chemical Society, Dr. Day and Profs. Noyes and Richards representing the American Chemical Society, and Profs. Fichter, Guye, and Werner representing the Swiss Chemical Society. Certain other societies representative of Holland, Denmark, Austria, and Norway were also affiliated, but were not directly represented on the council. Prof. Meldola, having been unable to attend the meeting, withdrew from the representation of the Chemical Society, and was replaced by Prof. Crossley.

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