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The Crystallography of Hæoglobins1

Nature volume 85, page 57 (10 November 1910) | Download Citation



CRYSTALS of oxyhaemoglobin differing greatly in character are figured in every text-book of physiology; but in the absence of specially skilled study by a crystallographer it has always seemed possible hitherto that the differences observed might be dependent on polymorphism, differences in water of crystallisation, effects of environment, or on chemical change, and that hæ”oglobin, from whatever source obtained, was essentially one and the same substance. Hüfner's observation that all haemoglobin solutions giving the same extinction coefficients in the spectrophotometer showed the same capacity for oxygen appeared to support such a view, although it could also be interpreted as showing merely, what was already probable on other grounds, that the hæmatin portion of the molecule was identical in all cases.

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