Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions


    THE annual conference of the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions was held at Birmingham in the Birmingham Municipal Technical School on Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18. In his address, the president of the association, Mr. J. Wilson, Battersea Polytechnic, emphasised the importance of scientific and technical education to industrial progress. As an example of this, it was pointed out that, owing largely to the limited appreciation of technical education by the English manufacturing world as a whole, nearly all the chief industrial developments of the last twenty years are either of German, French, or American origin or commercial development. The present national and municipal expenditure on technical education in Great Britain is approximately one and a half millions sterling per annum. This is very small when compared with the “gross “annual output of the engineering and chemical industries alone, amounting to about 258 millions per annum. Mr. Wilson discussed the position of the London polytechnics with reference to the London University. He considered that any diminution in the effective facilities now offered by the polytechnics to the working and lower middle classes to participate, not only in advanced technical education, but in higher and university education, would be a grave retrograde step.

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