Die Süsswasserfauna Deutschlands, eine Exkursionsfauna


    THE aim of the editor of these volumes has been to provide a complete systematic account of the fresh-water fauna of Germany. In addition to the parts named above, others, on the Diptera, Oligochæta and Hirudinea, Rotatoria and Gastrotricha, Nemathelminthes and Cestodes are promised in the near future; a volume on the Protozoa is not at present in preparation, but may be forthcoming later. There are already other accounts which deal with portions of the fresh-water fauna, the organisms therein considered being selected either because they are the commonest fresh-water animals or because of their special interest from a biological or morphological point of view. But in the volumes before us all the known species of each group of fresh-water animals are considered; thus the worker is given the means of identifying any organism he may have under examination provided that it has been already recorded from fresh water in Germany. Whatever piece of work the fresh-water naturalist may desire to undertake, whether it be the study of the life-history of certain animals, their distribution, their behaviour under different conditions of environment, or whether it be the intensive study of the fauna of one pond or the more general study of the fauna of a more extended area, one of the first things necessary will be the determination of the systematic position of the organisms he proposes to investigate. For the first time the naturalist is provided, in this series of handy Volumes, each written by a specialist or group of specialists, with the means of identifying his specimens with the minimum of difficulty and trouble, and without the necessity of consulting expensive monographs. The descriptions and diagnoses given are thoroughly trustworthy and practical; they contain the principal morphological characters, and short biological and faunistic notes are added in many cases. These handbooks are not intended to supply, and do not give, lengthy anatomical or biological accounts of the organisms; their function is to enable the worker who consults them to identify his material as speedily as possible., To this end keys are provided, wherever possible, to the families, genera and species, and figures, for the most part in line, are given to illustrate the diagnostic characters.

    Die Süsswasserfauna Deutschlands, eine Exkursionsfauna.

    Prof. Brauer (Berlin), i., Mammalia, Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, Pisces, by P.Matschie, A.Reichenow, G.Tornier, P.Pappenheim Pp. iv + 206; 173 figs. Price 5 marks. iii. and iv., Coleoptera, by E.Reitter. Pp. 235; 101 figs. Price 5 marks, v. and vi., Trichoptera, by G.Ulmer. Pp. 326; 467 figs. Price 6.50 marks. vii., Collembola, Neuroptera, Hymenoptera, Rhynchota, by R. and H.Heymons and Th.Kuhlgatz. Pp. 112; 111 figs. Price 2.40 marks, viii., Ephemerida, Plecoptera, Lepidoptera, by Fr.Klapálek and K.Grünberg. Pp. 163; 260 figs. Price 4 marks, ix., Odonata, by F.Ris. Pp. 67; 79 figs. Price 2 marks, x., Phyllopoda, by L.Keilhack. Pp. iv+112; 265 figs. Price 3 marks, xi., Copepoda, Ostracoda, Malacostraca, by C.van Douwe, E.Neresheimer, V.Vávra, and L.Keilhack. Pp. 136; 505 figs. Price 3.50 marks, xii., Araneæ, Acarina, and Tardigrada, by F.Dahl, F.Koenike, and A.Brauer. Pp. 191; 280 figs. Price 4 marks, xvii., Parasitische Plattwürmer, i., Trematodes, by M.Lühe. Pp. iv + 217; 188 figs. Price 5 marks, xix., Mollusca, Nemertini, Bryozoa, Turbellaria, Tricladida, Spongillidæ,. Hydrozoa, by J.Thiele, R.Hartmeyer, L.von Graff, L.Böhmig, W.Weltner, and A.Brauer. Pp. 199; 346 figs. Price 4 marks. (Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1909.)

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