Space and Spirit


    THIS is a commentary on Sir Oliver Lodge's work, “Life and Matter,” which was written primarily as a counterblast to Haeckel's “Riddle of the Universe.” Its author agrees with Sir Oliver in regarding Spirit as the ultimate Reality, of which the Universe is a manifestation; but he differs on a few points of detail. Moreover, though Spirit is the “unknown reality,” there is another irresolvable Absolute, viz. Space. There is a Spacial universe and a Spiritual universe. The former may only be a branch or out-leaking of the latter, but the two cannot be identified. Mr. Kennedy is, therefore, not a monist, even of the spiritual variety; he recognises two entities, and not merely two aspects of the same substance. (But is it not self-contradictory to speak of two universes?)

    Space and Spirit.

    A Commentary upon the Work of Sir Oliver Lodge. entitled a Life and Mattera. By R. A. Kennedy. Pp. 64. (London: C. Knight and Co., Ltd., 1909.) Price 1s. 6d. net.

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