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Problems of Science Teaching in Schools1

Nature volume 82, pages 284285 (06 January 1910) | Download Citation



A DEFECT of intellectual character, national in its incidence, is revealed at conferences qf teachers and in the reports issued by associations of schoolmasters and others concerned in educating English boys and girls. In this country the teacher, like the man in the street, is too narrowly “practical”; he regards the discussion of fundamental principles as unprofitable. Thus it is that we find details concerning exposition (e.g. of calorimetry) receiving the careful attention of the physics teachers ot our leading schools before anyone has sought to answer the question, “Why teach physics?”


  1. 1.

    The American Federation of Teachers of the Mathematical and the Natural Sciences. Bulletin No. 2, November, 1909. (Secretary, C. R. Mann, University of Chicago.)

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