The Darwin Commemoration at Cambridge (June 22–24, 1909)


THE Darwin Celebration Committee appointed by the Council of the Senate to make the necessary arrangements has issued invitations to a large number of British and foreign universities, colleges, academies, and learned societies. The committee has already received the names of nearly 200 delegates who propose to attend the celebration in June. Among those nominated by universities and societies in the United States are the following:—Prof. Baldwin (Johns Hopkins University), Prof. Loeb (University of California), Prof. Farlow (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), Prof. Minot (Boston Society of Natural History), Prof. Coulter (Chicago University), Dr. Davenport (Cold Spring Harbour Experimental Station), the president of Cornell University, Prof. Chittenden (Yale University), Prof. Peck (the Connecticut Academy), the president of the Academy of Arts and Sciences (New York), Prof. E. B. Wilson (Columbia University), Dr. Biggs (New York University), Dr. Harrison (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. A. E. Brown (Philadelphia Academy), Dr. Osborn (American Philosophical Society), the president of the Carnegie Institute (Pittsburg), the secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, the president of the Carnegie Institute (Washington), Dr. Howard (Academy of Sciences, Washington).


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