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    LONDON.—A course of eight lectures on “Algal Flagellates and the Lines of Algal Descent” will be begun by Dr. F. E. Fritsch at University College on October 26. During the second term a course of eight lectures on “Physical Chemistry and its Bearing on Biology” will be delivered by Dr. J. C. Philip, and in the third term a course of eight lectures on “Recent Advances in the Study of Heredity” will be delivered by Mr. A. D. Darbishire. A course of four lectures on “The Geological Structure of the Area of the Vosges” will be delivered at Bedford College by Miss C. A. Raisin, beginning on November 16, and in the second and third terms courses will be given at University College by Dr. A. Smith Woodward, F.R.S., and Prof. E. J. Garwood on, respectively, “The Use of Fossil Vertebrata in Stratigraphical Geology” and “The Geology and Physiography of Arctic Europe.” Beginning on January 22, Dr. W. N. Shaw, F.R.S., will give a course of lectures on “The Climates of the British Possessions.” On October 20 Dr. F. S. Locke will deliver, in the physiological laboratory of the University, a course of lectures on “Some Problems of General Physiology, more Particularly those Associated with Muscle,” and in the second and third terms courses will be given by Prof. A. D. Waller, F.R.S., and Dr. A. Harden on, respectively, “General Physiology of Nerve” and “Chemical Biology of the Yeast Cell.” On February 2 Dr. L. C. Parkes will begin, at University College, a course of four lectures on “The Medical Aspects of Recent Advances in Hygiene as Connected with Sewering.” Prof. E. A. Minchin will in the third term give, at the Lister Institute, a course of lectures on protozoology, and in the first term Mr. R. Lydekker, F.R.S., will deliver three lectures on “The Living and Extinct Faunas of Africa and South America.” Details as to the time and place of the delivery of the last-named course will be announced later. All the lectures referred to will be addressed to advanced students, and no charge will be made for admission.

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