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    THE publication of this work furnishes a delightful companion to the charming and highly instructive series of insects exhibited in the gallery of the Museum of Natural History. To the naturalist as well as to the layman this exhibition of the bionomics of the Insecta is a living expression of the incessant activity of those who are responsible for its display, and although Mr. Charles O. Waterhouse informs us that “considerable time must necessarily elapse before the exhibited series of insects can be completed,” and that the guide must be looked upon as a provisional one, yet in its present form it gives groups of properly organised facts which cannot fail to instruct and diffuse knowledge by making the study of these animals, clearly interesting and accessible to the public.


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      "A Guide to the Exhibited Series of Insects in the Zo logical Department (Insect Section), British Museum (Natural History), London." Pp. 59; with 62 illustrations. (Printed by Order of the Trustees, 1908). Price 1s.

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