Principles of Breeding A Treatise on Thremmatology


    THIS is the first serious attempt to present a modern scientific text-book on the principles of breeding (or, as the author prefers to call it, thremmatology) to English-speaking agricultural students, in which recognition is accorded to much of the recent work done on genetics and some other branches of the physiology of the generative system, and in which effort is made to show the essential value of that work to breeders. The book is most welcome, and our thanks are due for it to the professor of thremmatology in the University of Illinois.

    Principles of Breeding. A Treatise on Thremmatology.

    By E. Davenport, with appendix by H. L. Rietz. Pp. xiii + 727. Country Life Education Series. (Boston, New York, Chicago, London: Ginn and Company, n.d.) Price 12s, 6d.

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