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    IN a recent article on the Jubilee of the Calcutta University it was shown that considerable efforts have been made in Bengal during the last few years to raise the level and tone of university education, and to render it more thorough and practical. Similar efforts are also being made in other parts of India by the Universities of Madras, Bombay, the Punjab and Allahabad, so that it may be hoped that a fairly high standard of university education will be maintained in future in India. Other indications also show that India is becoming alive to the necessity of modelling its educational system on the most modern European lines from the lower forms up to the very highest. The Indian Institute of Science, which is now being started at Bangalore, in Southern India, is an instance in point, and shows how the most advanced of the thinkers in India have grasped the necessity for the prosecution of the very highest forms of post-graduate work. Bangalore, which has been finally chosen for the site of the new institute, has (for India) a most excellent climate; it is situated about 3000 feet above sea-level, and the temperature there is never excessive, so that the conditions for work will be most favourable.

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