(1) Botanisches Jahrbuch (2) Das Pflanzenreich (3) Recueil de l'Institut botanique


    (1) ENGLER'S “Botanisches Jahrbuch” serves mainly as a repository for information on systematic botany and plant geography. The issue is peculiar, as usually three or four volumes are in progress simultaneously, but the irregular appearance of the parts serves to ensure rapid publication of papers containing new identifications. Vol. xxxvi was begun and completed in 1905, but the three succeeding volumes form a simultaneous triad that date from September, 1905, to March, 1907. Throughout the four volumes there are only four instalments of the “Beiträge zur Flora von Afrika,” in which special interest attaches to the Orchidaceæ and Asclepiadaceæ mostly collected and described by Mr. R. Schlechter, two new genera of the Podostemonaceæ founded by Dr. A. Engler, the collation of the Combretaceæ by Dr. L. Diels, and the list compiled by Dr. F. Pax of plants collected by Mr. F. Rosen in Abyssinia. Another monograph of a similar nature is concerned with the plants collected by Dr. A. Weberbauer on a tour of exploration over the highlands of Peru, of which a brief outline was given in vol. xxxii, and a map with the two first instalments of determinations prepared by various workers under the editorship of Prof. I. Urban appears in vol. xxxvii. Dr. Weberbauer also contributes two short articles that may be regarded as preparatory to a volume for the series “Die Vegetation der Erde.”

    (1) Botanisches Jahrbuch.

    Edited by Dr. A. Engler. Vols. xxxvi to xxxix. (Leipzig: W. Engelmann, 1905–7.)

    (2) Das Pflanzenreich.

    Edited by Dr. A. Engler. Vols. xxii to xxvi, xxvi and xxix. (Leipzig: W. Engelmann 1905–7.)

    (3) Recueil de l'Institut botanique.

    Edited by Dr. L. Errera Dr. J. Massart. Vols. i, ii, and vi. (Bruxelles: H. Lamertin, 1906.)

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