Botanical Congress at Dresden


THE German Botanical Society has this September celebrated its twenty-fifth at Dresden under the presidency of Prof., who justly emphasised the promptness of publication and value of the contents of the society's journal. Owing possibly to the wording of the invitation to members to contribute papers to the meeting only one communication was made, by Dr. WinKler, on parthenogenesis in plants. The same botanist aroused great interest, and a short but lively discussion, by exhibiting a growing plant obtained by grafting Solatium nigrum with a tomato variety, and by encouraging, to the exclusion of other buds, a composite bud, arising at the point of contact and fusion of the two plants. The resulting shoot shows, from node to node upwards, especially well seen in the leaves, alternately right and left, the characteristics of each plant. The term “graft-bastard” proposed was objected to by many. No doubt more will be heard of the specimen if it forms flowers. Prof. Bower and Colonel Prain were elected honorary members of the society.

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