Notes on Recent Petrography

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STUDENTS of the processes of sedimentation and of flocculation in clays should not overlook the three papers on sands and sediments, by Messrs. Mellard Reade and Philip Holland, that have been published in the Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Society. The original analyses of sediments given in the second paper (vol. x., part i., 1905), and in the third now issued (1906), are distinctly valuable. Some of the specific gravities stated for clays seem a little high; but it must be admitted that we possess as yet far too little knowledge of our commonest sedimentary deposits. In vol. x., part ii. (1906), p. 136, the authors point out that “the experiinents have, we think, demonstrated the existence of a mass of matter of unsuspected granular minuteness distributed throughout the sedimentary. rocks of the earth.

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