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    Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, March.—On certain methods of Sturm, and their application to the roots of Bessel's functions, by Prof. M. Bôcher. This is a paper read before the Society at its February meeting, of which the purpose is to call attention to Sturm's methods, rather than to elaborate the details of the theory of the roots of Bessel's functions. These methods, which appear to have been overlooked, are given by Sturm in Liouville's Journal, vol. i. p. 136 &c. In addition to the Professor's own work, the paper discusses two recent proofs of theorems, really contained in Sturm's article, given by Messrs. Porter (a graduate student at Harvard) and Van Vleck (American Journal of Mathematics, xix. p. 75).—Dr. G. A. Miller, in a paper reatt at the January meeting, continues his work on groups. The article is on the transitive substitution groups, whose orders are the products of three prime numbers.—Note on the integration of a uniformly convergent series through an infinite interval, by Prof. T. S. Fiske, was also read at the same meeting. It illustrates a communication by Prof. Osgood, which was published in the November number of the Bulletin.—Short notices follow, by Prof. F. Morley, of Dr. L. Huebner's “Ebene und Räumliche Geometrie des Masses,” and, by Prof. E. W. Brown, of the scientific papers of John Couch Adams.—Some points of interest are brought forward in the usual notes.

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