The Classification of Madreporaria

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AT present the classification of Madreporarian corals is admitted to be in an unsatisfactory condition. A fair standard of the opinion of the time can be obtained by reference to Prof. Nicholson's “Manual of Palaeontology,” or to Prof, von Zittel's new “Student's Text-book of Palæontology.” One of the most striking features is the insecurity which is now felt about the sub-orders of Milne Edwards and Haime, the M. Rugosa = Tetracoralla (Haeckel), and the M. Aporosa and Perforata = Hexacoralla (Haeckel). Yet the authorities just named think it best to maintain these sub-orders provisionally.

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OGILVIE, M. The Classification of Madreporaria. Nature 55, 280–284 (1897) doi:10.1038/055280a0

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