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Forthcoming Books of Science

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MESSRS. LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO.'S list includes:— “Fridtjof Nansen, 1861–1893,” by W. C. Brogger and Nordahl Rolfsen, translated by William Archer, illustrated; “Memories and Ideals,“ by Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, F.R.S.; ”Life in Ponds and Streams,” by W. Furneaux, illustrated; “Contributions to the Science of Mythology,” by the Right Hon. Prof. F. Max Müller, two vols.; “Essays,“ by Dr. George John Romanes, F.R.S., edited by Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan. Contents:—Primitive Natural History—The Darwinian Theory of Instinct—Man and Brute—Mind in Men and Animals—Origin of Human Faculty—Mental Differences between Men and Women—What is the Object of Life?—Recreation —Hypnotism—Hydrophobia and the Muzzling Order; ”History of Philosophy” by Prof. Alfred Weber, authorised translation from the fifth French edition, by Dr. Frank Thilly; “Bicycles and Tricycles: an Elementary Treatise on their Design and Construction,” by Archibald Sharp, illustrated; “Post-Mortem Examinations in Medico-legal and Ordinary Cases,” by J. Jackson Clarke; “Diseases of Plants due to Cryptogamic Parasites,” translated from the German of Dr. Carl Freiherr von Tubeuf, of the University of Munich, by Dr. William G. Smith, illustrated; “Magnetic Fields of Force: an Exposition of the Phenomena of Magnetism, Electro-magnetism, and Induction, based on the Conception of Lines of Force,” by Prof. H. Ebert, translated by Dr. C. V, Burton; “Industries and Wealth of Nations,” by Michael G. Mulhall; “Light,” by W. T. A. Emtage, with 231 diagrams; “Diphtheria and Antitoxin,” by Dr. Nestor Tirard.

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