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    MR. HERBERT SPENCER'S second article on “Professional Institutions” appears in the Contemporary. The article deals with the intimate relation between the priest and the medicine-man of early societies, and shows how the physician was originated from the priest. Many proofs are given that medical treatment was long associated with priestly functions, and that the uncultured mind still believes in some of the methods of the primitive medicine-man. Mr. Spencer has also an article in the Fortnightly, in which he exhibits the insecure base upon which Mr. Balfour has laid his “Foundations of Belief,” and describes that distinguished author's dialectic efforts, as well as Lord Salisbury's address to the British Association at Oxford, as sacrificial offerings of effigies to an apotheosised public. Neither one nor the other have produced the faintest impression in the world of science. Another article which may interest our readers, deals with University degrees for women, the writer comparing the action of Göttingen, in recently granting a degree to Miss Chisholm, with the policy of Oxford and Cambridge Universities as to women students.

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