The Forthcoming Congress of Hygiene and Demography

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    FROM a circular just received, we learn that satisfactory progress has been made with the arrangements for the eighth International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, to be held at Budapest, from September 1 to 9. The work of the Congress will be carried out in two divisions, relating respectively to hygiene and demography. Hygiene comprises nineteen, and demography seven, sections. In Section I. of the former division (the etiology of infectious diseases, or bacteriology), notices of thirty papers had been received up to March 31; in Section II. (the prophylaxis of epidemics), thirty-six papers are at present announced; in Section III. (the hygiene of the Tropics), twelve papers; in Section IV. (the hygiene of trades and agriculture), twenty-nine papers; in Section V. (the hygiene of children), twenty-eight papers; in Section VI. (the hygiene of schools), thirty-nine papers. Thirty-six papers have been notified in Section VII. (articles of food); thirty-eight in Section VIII. (the hygiene of towns); eleven in Section IX. (the hygiene of public buildings); nine in Section X. (the hygiene of dwellings); seventeen in Section XI. (the hygiene of communications, that is, of railroads and navigation), and twenty-four in Section XII. (military hygiene). Fourteen papers are promised on the saving of life (Section XIII.), thirty-three on State hygiene (Section XIV.), six on the hygiene of sport (Section XV.), twenty on the hygiene of baths (Section XVI.), thirty-eight on veterinary matters (Section XVII.), seventeen on pharmacology (Section XVIII.), and eleven on general sanitarian affairs (Section XIX.).

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