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NEW NOTATION FOR LINES IN SPECTRUM OF HYDROGEN. —The application of the photographic plate to that important instrument of physical astronomy, the spectroscope, has brought to our view, in addition to the lour well-known lines of hydrogen in the visible part of the spectrum, another set of similar lines, the first of which, having a wave-length less than that of H1, coincides with one component of H1 of the broad double line in the solar spectrum which Fraunhofer termed H. The second component, written H2 or K, is wanting in many stars of Vogel's class lα; yet its coincidences with the line H2 or K, where in this class another line in the region of H1 makes its appearance, became established, so that no opportunity offered itself to make a special nomenclature for the two first lines above Hd outside of the star's spectrum situated in the violet region.

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