Science and the India Civil Service Examinations


THE position of science candidates in the Civil Service competitions is largely in the hands of the science examiners. In some cases they have practically struck their subject out of the schedule by requiring, or by acquiescing in, the demand for a standard of knowledge far beyond the proportion of marks assigned. Even in the last India Civil Service competition the first two men in chemistry only scored 196 and 195 respectively, whilst the first two in German, out of the same maximum, gained 359 and 353. If the eminent men of science who undertake these examinations would see that science had fair play, many more candidates would be encouraged to study it. Whatever the private views of the Civil Service Commissioners may be, their absolute justice and honourable impartiality are unassailable. Even if they did not altogether concur in the opinions of the examiners, they would give their arguments careful consideration, and see that all interests should be duly regarded.

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GURNEY, H. Science and the India Civil Service Examinations. Nature 41, 53 (1889).

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