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Professor Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius


BY the death of Prof. Clausius, which occurred on August 24 last, science has lost another member of the great triumvirate—Rankine, Clausius, and Thomson—who, upon the foundation laid by the experimental work of Davy and Rumford, the theoretical suggestions of Mohr, Séguin, Mayer, and Colding (which, though resting on imperfect data and defective reasoning, were the results of real scientific insight), and the splendid experimental investigations of Joule, founded and built up the great structure known as the science of thermodynamics.


  1. 1

    "Rankine's Miscellaneous Scientific Papers," p. 300.

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DE TUNZELMANN, G. Professor Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius . Nature 38, 438–439 (1888).

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