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    LONDON. Chemical Society, June 16.—Mr. William Crookes, F. R.S., President, in the chair.—The following papers were read:—A study of the thermal properties of a mixture of ethyl alcohol and ethyl oxide, by Dr. William Ramsay and Dr. Sydney Young.—Derivatives of hydrindonaphthene and tetrahydro-naphlhalene, by Dr. W. H. Perkin, Jun.—The synthetical formation of closed carbon chains in the aromatic series, by Dr. F. S. Kipping.—The product of the action of ethylene bromide on ethylic acetosodacetate, by Dr. P. C. Freer and Dr. W. H. Perkin, Jun.—The synthesis of hexamethylene-derivatives, by Dr. P. C. Freer and Dr. W. H. Perkin, Jim.—An attempt to syuthetize heptamelhylene-derivatives, by Dr. P. C. Freer and Dr. W. H. Perkin, Jun.—The composition of shale-spirit, by Dr. A, K, Miller and Mr. T. Baker.—The magnetic rotatory power of the ethyl salts of maleic and citraconic acids and their isomers, by Dr. W. II. Perkin, F.R.S.—The temperatures at which various sulphates undergo decomposition, by Dr. G. H. Bailey.—The reaction between sulphites and nitrites of metals other than potassium, by Dr. Edward Divers, F.R S., and Mr. Tamemasa Haga.—The action of acetyl chloride on acetoximes, by Mr. Victor Meyer and Mr. A. Warrington.—Sulphinic compounds of carbamide and thiocarbamide, by Mr. George McGowan.—Anarcardic acid, by Dr. S. Ruhemann and Mr. S. Skinner.

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