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    American Journal of Science, April.—Recent explorations in the Wappinger Valley limestone of Duchess County, New York, by Prof. William B. Dwight. To the paper is appended a plate of the Wappinger Valley fossils.—Description of the Kettle-Holes near Wood's Hall, Massachusetts, with map of the district showing the positions and direction of the larger diameter of the Holes, by Prof. B. F. Koons.—Examination of Mr. Alfred R. Wallace's modification of the physical theory of secular changes of climate (second paper), by Dr. James Croll. Here the question is studied from the physical standpoint, and it is argued that a geographical change in the crust of the earth is not necessary to remove the Antarctic ice.–A contribution to the geology of Rhode Island (continued), by T. Nelson Dale.– On Mesozoic Dicotyledons (Angiosperms), by Lester F. Ward. –Oil the tourmaline and associated minerals of Auburn, Maine, by George F. Kunz.–On andalusite from Gorham, Maine, by the same author.–On the white garnet from Wakefield, Canada, by the same author.–Horizontal motions of small floating bodies in relation to the validity of the postulates of the theory of capillarity, by John Le Conte.–The principal characters of American Jurassic Dinosaurs; Part vii., the order Theropod (with plates 8 to 14), by Prof. O. C. Marsh.–A new order of extinct Jurassic reptiles (Macelognatha), (one illustration, M. vagans), by the same author.

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