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Dr. Feussner's New Polarising Prism

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IN a recent number of the Zeitschrift für Instrumentenkunde (iv. 42–50, February 1884), Dr. K. Feusner of Karlsruhe has given a detailed description of a polarising prism lately devised by him, which presents several points of novelty, and for which certain advantages are claimed. The paper also, of contains an account, although not an exhaustive one, of the various polarising prisms which have from time to time been constructed by means of different combinations of Iceland spar. The literature of this subject is scattered and somewhat difficult of access, and moreover only a small part of it has hitherto been translated into English; and it would appear therefore that a brief abstract of the paper may not be without service to those amongst the readers of NATURE who may be unacquainted with the original memoirs, or who may not have the necessary references at hand.

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