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    Journal of the Russian Chemical and Physical Society, vol. xv. fasc. 6.—On the action of haloidhydric acids upon oxymethylene, by B. Tischenko.—On the constitution of the waters that accompany naphtha and are ejected by mud volcanoes, by A. Potilitzin.—On the formation of bromides of aromatic hydrocarbons by the action of bromine and bromide of aluminium on the volatile parts of naphtha, by G. Gustavson.—On the formation of tertiary alcohols by the method of Butleroff, by W. Markovnikoff.—On propyl-allyl dimethyl carbinol, by M. Putochin.—On the determination of carbon in cast-iron and steel, by G. Zabudsky.—On the decomposition of orthoclase by putrefied matter, by S. Meschersky.—Notes by W. Tikhomiroff and A. Lidoff.—On the application of centres of acceleration of a superior order to the parallelogram of Tchebycheff, by N. Joukovsky.—On the magnetic momentum of bu dies of ironwire, by P. Bakhmetieff.

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