Electric Light in Collieries


THE writer of the article in NATURE, vol. xxiv. p. 383, has overlooked the long account given in the Times of June 14, 1881, of the visit paid by the Accidents in Mines Commissioners to the Pleasley pit, near Chesterfield, where the first important application of the light was made nearly three months ago. Credit should be given to Mr. Swan and to Messrs. Crompton and Co., who for more than a year have been experimenting with, and perfecting, the lamps, &c., rather than to those who may have the good fortune to adopt that which the Pleasley trials proved to be so perfect; and, as one who was present with the Royal Commissioners, I think it only fair to call your attention to what is probably a slip in your report.

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SESAMY Electric Light in Collieries. Nature 24, 510 (1881). https://doi.org/10.1038/024510e0

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