Hay Fever


IN NATURE (vol. xxiv. p. 485) Mr. Hannay remarks that “no remedy yet published will cure hay-fever”. Has Mr. Hannay read Dr. Blackley's “Hay Fever” (Baillière, Tindall, and Cox, second edition, 1880)? It will be found that Dr. Blackley has used the treatment mentioned in NATURE, viz. the protection of the mucous membrane of the nose from pollen, with success both on himself and other persons subject to the fever, and Mr. Hannay's experiments offer another proof of the efficiency of this treatment. There is a short article on the subject in the Lancet of July 16, p. 82, by Dr. Thorowgood, and another by Dr. Blackley in the Lancet of August 27, p. 371. Mr. Hannay's treatment is essentially the same as that published by Dr. Blackley, though in the latter the inconvenience of plugging the entrances to the nasal ducts, and of the stoppage of the proper air-passages, is avoided, whilst the mucous membrane of the eyes is also protected.

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