A Primitive Diving-Bell


IN NATURE, vol. xxiv. p. 201, it is stated that Herr Budde has found a description of a primitive diving-bell in a work of Bartolini, 1674. The inventor appears to have been Franciscus Kesler, 1616. This description of Kesler's diving machine will also be found, together with representations of the same, in Schwenter's “Deliciæ Physico-Mathematicæ,” 1636, a very rare and curious volume; so rare indeed that it is stated in Cosmos, January 27, 1860, “it is not to re found in the Imperial Library, nor in any of the public libraries of Paris.” J. van Lennep, in Notes and Queries, December 15, 1859, p. 503, says “there is a Dutch translation of Schwenter, 1672; of this rare volume I fortunately possess a copy.”

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HEINEKEN, N. A Primitive Diving-Bell. Nature 24, 485 (1881). https://doi.org/10.1038/024485e0

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