Yellow Glass in Fog


SOME years ago I was staying at an hotel on the Lake of Constance. One morning a fog came on which completely obscured the opposite shore, but looking through a strip of yellow glass, which formed the border of the window, I was able, to my surprise, to see it distinctly. I presume the yellow glass choked the blue rays reflected by the fog, just as a Nicol's prism, held at the proper angle, chokes the rays reflected from the glass and enables us to see clearly the picture behind it. On my way home I stopped in Paris, and, happening to call on one of the principal opticians, mentioned the circumstance to him. He forthwith showed me a naval telescope provided with a cap at the eye end containing a yellow glass, which could be removed at pleasure, I should like to know if the same simple contrivance has ever been used in our own navy.

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R. Yellow Glass in Fog. Nature 24, 460 (1881).

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