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RELATIONS BETWEEN THE CRANIUM AND THE REST OF THE SKELETON.—These relations form the subject of a paper by M. Manouvrier, read at the last meeting of the French Association. The following are the author's conclusions:—I. The weight of the cranium varies, in a general way, with the weight of the skeleton, but not proportionally, like the weight of the brain. 2. The weight of the skeleton, less the cranium, in a given race, varies nearly in proportion to the weight of the femur. 3. The weight of the cranium is greater relatively to that of the femur, the lighter the latter is. 4. The weight of the cranium is much more considerable relatively to that of the femur in woman than in man. 5. This sexual difference is so pronounced that it constitutes one of the best secondary sexual characters. About 82 women in 100 have the cranium heavier than the two femurs, while 82 men in 100 have it lighter. 6. The lower jaw is heavier relatively to the cranium in the anthropoids than in man, is inferior than in civilised races, in man than in woman, and in the adult than in the child. 7. The weight of the cranium is smaller relatively to that of the lower jaw, the heavier the latter is, &c.

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