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International Medical Congress

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THIS Congress, which opened by an informal reception at the College of Physicians on Tuesday, has so far been a real success. It has brought together something like 2500 medical men, no less than 1000 being from abroad, and 500 from the provinces. Indeed, the attendance is more than double that of any previous Congress. Among the distinguished foreigners who attend the Congress are the following:—Dr. Fordyce Barker, New York; Dr. Billings, Washington; Dr. Bigelow, Boston; Professors Brown-Séquard, Paris; Chauveau, Lyons; Donders, Utrecht; Professors Holmgren, Upsala; His, Leipsic; Kölliker, Wurzburg; Klebs, Prague; Loven, Stockholm; Pasteur, Paris; Pflüger, Bonn; Panteleoni, Rome; Von Slawjansky, St. Petersburg; Stokvis, Amsterdam; Virchow, Berlin. A very large concourse of members thronged the rooms of the College on Tuesday, and crowded St. James's Hall yesterday morning, when Sir James Paget delivered the presidential address. The sectional meetings are being held in the rooms of the various scientific societies in the Burlington House region, and there are fifteen of them altogether. Prof. Virchow gave an address last night on “The Value of Pathological Experiments.” To-day Prof. Maurice Raynaud gives a general address on “Scepticism in Medicine”; to-morrow Dr. Billings of Washington gives an address on “Our Medical Literature”; and to-morrow night the Lord Mayor and Corporation receive the members in the Guildhall at a conversazione. On Saturday there will be several excursions, and Sir Joseph Hooker will hold a reception at Kew in the afternoon. On Monday at a general meeting Prof. Volkmann of Halle will lecture on “Modern Surgery”; and on Tuesday Prof. Huxley will lecture on “The Connection of the Biological Sciences with Medicine.” We this week give the opening address of Sir James Paget:—

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