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    Annalen der Physik and Chemie, No. 12 (December, first No.), —On the density and tension of saturated vapour, by A. Wüllner and O. Grotrian.—On the application of the electrodynamic potential to determination of the ponderomotive and electromotive forces, by R. Clausius.—On friction in free liquid surfaces, by A. Oberbeck.—Simple methods and instruments for resistance-measurements, especially in electrolytes, by F. Kohlrausch.—Influence of temperature on the phenomena of charge of a liquid cell acting as condenser, by H. Herwig.—On the modes of electric discharge in gases, by O. Lehmann.—On the electric discharge in liquid insulators, by W. Holtz.—On electric figures on the surface of liquids, by the same. —On the increase of danger from lightning and its probable causes, by the same. —On a microprismatic method for distinction of solid substances, by O. Maschke.—Note on Herr Weber's reply, by A. Winkelmann.

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