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Endowment of Research in Birmingham


    THE President of the Birmingham Philosophical Society, Dr. Heslop, recently gave an address to the members, taking for his subject the “Scientific Situation in Birmingham.” Having reviewed the various local agencies set up during the past year for the diffusion of knowledge, including the opening of Mason's Science College, he went on to say: I must now allude to the most important work undertaken by the Society, the establishment of the fund for the endowment of research. This action has received warm support in many quarters, and has in fact done more to place it in a favourable light before the country than any previous circumstances. Although the efforts made to raise this fund have been inconsiderable, yet nearly 100l, in annual subscriptions, of varying dates, and 900l. in donations have been obtained. The Council have invested 600l. in order to ensure the permanence of the fund. It is probable that some slight additions may be made to this sum, having the same object in view; but it is, I believe, their intention to recommend the Society to spend the whole income, how-soever derived, in annual grants to persons living in this town or neighbourhood who devote themselves wholly or in part to science research. It is an error to suppose that this fund is to be allotted either to any particular individual or specially to members of this Society. The Council are free to do what they deem best with the money intrusted to them, within the limits of the scheme agreed upon. There is another temporary limit to their powers. One eminent investigator (Dr. Gore) is allotted a certain sum for a certain period. The approval of this step evinced by those who have contributed to the fund, and by others, has been a source of satisfaction to the Council.

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