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Abnormal Variations of Barometric Pressure in the Tropics, and their Relation to Sun-Spots, Rainfall, and Famines1

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II. Comparison of the Abnormal Barometric Variations with the Sun-Spots A GLANCE at the barometric and sun-spot curves is sufficient to show that the irregular and frequent fluctuations of pressure are relatively much larger than those of the sun-spots. In order therefore to compare the general course of the barometric curves with that of the sun-spot curve the numbers of Table I. have been further smoothed by taking the means of every nine consecutive quarterly values of the nine-monthly means. The results of this operation are given in the following table, and graphically represented by the dotted curves which are drawn through the continuous ones. All these dotted barometer curves closely resemble each other, except that portion of the Mauritius curve after the year 1865 which shows a tendency to assume an opposite character. They are also very similar to the sun-spot curve, but all of them lag very persistently behind the latter, as will be seen by comparing the points marked with the same capital letters:—

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  1. Meteorological Reporter for Western India, Bombay, September 4



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