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The Belgian Entomological Society


IN April, 1855, a circular with ten signatures was addressed to entomologists residing in Belgium, proposing the formation of a National Entomological Society, the students of Insecta and allies having at that time no organisation, no central meeting-place for interchange of ideas, no special medium in which to publish the results of their researches. The proposal was met by cordial approval, and the first volume of the Annales of the newly-formed Society, published in 1857, indicated a strength of forty-seven effective and four honorary members, with Baron de Selys-Longchamps as president. At first its publications were occupied almost entirely by subjects concerning the Belgian fauna, the volumes were thin, and each represented the work of more than one year. The Society was however well grounded, and notwithstanding occasional short periods of depression, it gradually increased in the number of its members, in the wideness of the scope of the papers read at its meetings, and in reputation as one of the leading entomological societies. Naturally the size of the volumes of the Annales, and the frequency of their appearance, also increased, and now the Society produces a volume each year that no similar society need be ashamed of. The twenty-second volume appeared in 1879, showing that the weakness inherent on infancy was soon overcome. The list in this volume shows a total of 171 effective Members (including many foreigners, of whom, however, only six are our own countrymen), twelve Honorary Members (including Messrs. Stainton and Westwood), with the addition of Corresponding and Associate Members. It had also at that time acquired the distinction of being recognised by the State and of receiving a certain amount of State aid.

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