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    THE ELONGATED NEBULÆ.—The amateur provided with an equatorial of fair aperture and a parallel-wire micrometer might do good service by the accurate determination of the angles of position of the elongated or greatly-extended nebulæ, of which so far the number of reliable measures is but small, though such objects are pretty commonly distributed. The necessity for further observations in this direction is well illustrated by the note to No. 2501 of Sir John Hersche's General Catalogue = H. 1.94; H. made the nebula by one observation extended in to s., byanother nf. tosp., while two observations by Sir John Herschel agree in making it extended in the parallel; “Surely” he remarks, “it does not rotate?” D'Arrest(“Siderum Nebulosorum”) merely says: “Circa directionem axis nihil annotatum fuit.”

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