Papuan Herpetology 1


    IN this memoir, which forms a portion of the thirteenth volume of the Annals of the Civic Museum of Genoa, we have by far the best account of the herpetology of the great Papuan subregion, that has hitherto appeared. At the same time the authors have not attempted to make a perfect faunistic work of it. Only such species as are represented in the collections made by the Italian travellers, Beccari and D'Albertis, on their various joint and several expeditions, and in the collections sent to Genoa, by Herr Bruijn of Ternate are enumerated in the list. On the other hand the mass of these collections is so great—consisting of 3,000 examples from 44 different localities, and the series thus brought together is so much more nearly perfect than that which any other authors have had before them—that the result has been to give us an excellent idea of the general character of the reptiles and batrachians of this division of the earth's surface. Let us, therefore, look through the pages of Messrs. Peters and Doria's excellent memoir, and see what general views we can obtain from it as to the peculiarities of this little-known branch of the Papuan fauna.

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