The Registrarship of London University


    LAST week we referred to Dr. Carpenter's intended resignation of the Registrarship of the University of London. We have before us his letter intimating his desire to resign his post on May 31 next, and the resolution of the Senate in connection therewith. By the date mentioned Dr. Carpenter will have completed his twenty-third year as Registrar, and, including his previous nirie years as Examiner, his connection with the University has extended over four-fifths of its term of existence, and over a corresponding proportion of his own professional life. There is no doubt that the success of this great institution is to a great extent owing to the energy and faithfulness with which Dr. Carpenter has discharged the duties of his post. It has been fortunate for the University as well as for science that a man of so eminent a scientific position has been so long and so intimately connected with it, and it will be extremely difficult to find one capable of taking up adequately Dr. Carpenter's work. We have pleasure in publishing the resolution of the Senate, to which we have referred.

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