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    THE proposals of the Cambridge Mathematical Studies Syndicate for completing the new scheme for the mathematical tripos have been carried. The following summary of the whole scheme of the mathematical tripos which will come into operation in the year 1882 is given in the Times. It will consist of three parts, the examination for each part occupying three days. The subjects of the first part are to be confined to the more elementary parts of pure mathematics and natural philosophy, the subjects to be treated without the use cf the differential calculus and the methods of analytical geometry. The examination in Part II. will only be open to those who have passed Part I. so as to deserve mathematical honours, and the subjects are algebra, trigonometry, plane and spherical, theory of equations, the easier parts of analytical geometry, plane and solid, including curvature of curves and surfaces, differential and integral calculus, easier parts of differential equations, statics, including elementary propositions on attractions and potentials; hydrostatics, dynamics of a particle, easier parts of rigid dynamics, easier parts of optics and spherical astronomy. Those who pass this second part will be arranged as wranglers, senior optimes, and junior optimes in order of merit. Both the examinations in Parts I. and II. will take place in June. The examination in Part III. will be held in January, and be open only to those who are classed as wranglers. It will last three days. On the tenth day after the end of the examination in Part III. the moderators and examiners, taking into account the examination in that part only, shall publish in three divisions, each division arranged alphabetically, those examined and approved. The moderators and examiners may place in the first division any candidate who has shown eminent proficiency in any one group of the subjects in Schedule III.

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