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    THE NEW STAR IN CYGNUS.—On the evening of December 13 this star, as regards brightness, was about midway between 75 Cygni and Bessel's star, Weisse XXI. 1004, the Durchmusterung magnitudes of which are 5.2 and 6.5 respectively, giving for the new star a magnitude of about 5.8 to 6.0, as stated last week. On December 20 it was not more than 0.25m. brighter than Bessel's star, indeed at moments it was difficult to say which was the brighter of the two; its present rate of decline is therefore slower than during the first ten days after the discovery. In the foggy sky of December 20, there was a yellowish tinge in its light, not perceptible in Bessel's star. A further careful search through our star-catalogues has failed to reveal any previous observation of a star in this position. It falls in one of the two zones, the re-observation of which has been undertaken at Bonn.

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