Dr. Schliemann's Discoveries at Mycenæ

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OF all the archæological discoveries which this nineteenth century has witnessed, that which Dr. Schliemann has just reported from Mycenæ will certainly be regarded as among the most important. Indeed, as throwing a light on those early days of Greece, the glories of which are reflected in the Homeric poems, it will stand pre-eminent, and cast even the researches made by the same ardent explorer at Hissarlik into the shade. There was in that case always some degree of uncertainty, and even his most sincere admirers and sympathisers could not but feel that among the successively disinterred cities it was doubtful which, if indeed any, was the Troy of the Iliad, and whether “the treasure of Priam” was in reality that of the unburied father of Hector.

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E., J. Dr. Schliemann's Discoveries at Mycenæ . Nature 15, 173–174 (1876) doi:10.1038/015173a0

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