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    Memorie ddla Societàdegli Spettroscopisti Italiani, for September, 1876, contains a paper on the absorption spectrum of the colouring matters of several molluscs, by Antonio and Giovanni De-Negri. The authors show that the colouring matter of the Elysia viridis gives the same absorption spectrum as chlorophyll, and that the colouring matter of other molluscs is identical vegetable colouring matters, or their derivatives.—A table of the solar spots and faculæ observed at Palermo in August and September. On at least half the days there was an absence of spots. The spectroscopic image of the sun's limb as seen at Rome in January and February, 1875, accompanies this number.—Prof. Serpieri continues his paper on the observations of the zodiacal light, by G. Jones.

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